scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

a reprieve...

Happy thing for the day [so far]: getting an email from my Research Methods tutor, telling us he's giving us an extension on the resport that was meant to be due this Friday. Now we have until Monday to get it done instead :)

Yes, suddenly I'm feeling a lot less stressed.

I'll still try & get it done this week anyway, just because I really hate having it hanging over my head (and besides, I can't wait to just have these assignments DONE), but at least I'm not going to be stressing over getting it done on time now. Especially if I have to work a lot this week.

And I AM determined to get a lot of work done today. It's 10:56am, I have at least 12 hours of solid studying time. I need to stop procrastinating.

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