scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Well, I was on Today Tonight for a couple of seconds tonight (just a shot of me turning around and smiling at the cameras, but hey, at least my faerie wings were in the shot!)... I remember when they took that shot as well, I was looking in the other direction while we were waiting in the line, and Stewart suddenly nudged me and said "Jadey, your wings are on camera!" so I turned around and waved and said "hi" in this perky little voice (which thankfully, that part wasn't on TV!) The shot actually isn't bad, my parents taped it and kept rewinding it and replaying it because they thought I looked really nice in it. Oh well, I'm not embarrassed by that TV cameo, so it's all good :D I would have hated it if I'd looked like a dork ;)
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