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10 April 2002 @ 08:32 pm
memories of Noises Off  
It's funny, or maybe not so, how watching Big Brother is reminding me of all the fun we had doing Noises Off last year - something that only my drama friends will know what I'm talking about, but nonetheless, it's making me miss everyone! Perhaps because last year during Season 1 (that I never even watched), Jeremy and I would liken the play situation to that of Big Brother - you get a bunch of completely different people and throw them in some sort of short-term situation together, and it's amazing what can happen, what personalities are revealed. Most of us in the Noises Off group got along famously, and I still consider them some of my closest friends today, a year on. Not everything from last year was good - but that feeling of belonging to a group, despite all differences, is something that just can't be described. As I watch Big Brother this year, it reminds me of our Noises Off group, in more ways than one.