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I sent this out in an email last night

"Since my exams finish this week, I'm about to start writing a story, hopefully a novel, which has really been 3+ years in the making. I came up with the concept over 3 years ago, and I think now I am finally ready to start writing this.
But I need to ask you guys a couple of questions, they are opinion questions, so there is no right or wrong answer, I just need to know what you guys think. Why? Because I only have a very narrow range of responses when it comes to this issue, and in order to make this story believable, and to write it in a way that people can truly relate to it, I really need a wider range of views, and I'm really interested as to what people think about this.
I understand that some of you will probably not respond, and I understand if this is a personal issue and do not wish to share personal experiences about this.
But if you don't mind, even if you have no real opinions about this, I would be interested to know.
The problem with taboo topics is that because no-one ever talks about them, no-one ever really knows what someone is thinking about it.

The focus of this novel is on self-injury. This story is not autobiographical; it will draw on personal experience, but for the most part, I want to use this as a catalyst for making people aware of this addiction (I use the term "addiction" loosely, for lack of any other word to describe this).
There is a plethora of fiction and non-fiction available on teenage drug use, anorexia + eating disorders, alcoholism. Self-injury is becoming more and more common, but is still relatively untalked about.

So my questions, that I am interested to know people's responses to:

-- do you know any one who has self-injured, either just "once", or on semi-regular basis?
-- what would your response be if a close friend told you they had been self-injuring? [be honest - if you feel that you would reject them, then say that!!]
-- if a friend was self-injuring on a regular basis, would you feel obliged to report it to someone?
-- what are your thoughts/opinions in general about self-injury? (eg: you've never heard of it, it's a form of attempting suicide, it's disgusting, whatever - be HONEST!)

And anything else you would like to say.

I would really, really appreciate anything that people have to say about this. I know this book will take some time to write, it's something that involves research, so this is my first step, because I can read articles about it, I can read about it in textbooks, and I can draw from my own personal history, but none of this really tells me what other people truly think about this phenonemeon.
You do NOT need to reveal to me that you have done this if you don't feel comfortable in doing so. I'm interested in opinions, not neccessarily personal stories (unless you want to, of course).

I hope this email has not been in anyway triggering for anyone; I would just appreciate any help and any comments at all about this.


Any comments? Please email them to me if you wouldn't mind - I need all the help I can get on this topic.

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