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an update of the last 24 hours...

heehee... I had this idea for writing out the latest on the last 24 hours in a list form - what was good, what was bad, annoying, etc... then clicked over to my mate Sarah's site, and saw that she had done exactly the same thing I was going to do!! Woo, weird, much??? Anyway, I'm still gonna do it, eh, so, um, sorry Sarah if I'm copying you!! *laughs*

1. Brilliant: Seeing "Moulin Rouge" last night. That movie was WONDEFUL! I loved it. Love, love, LOVED it.
And Ewan McGregor can really sing. If I had a guy like that singing to me... I would definitely fall in love.

2. Good: I had a work meeting tonight, at Mt Thebarton, the Ice-Arena here. It was a product knowledge night on Ski gear... and afterwards, we got free tobogganning for 1/2 an hour. Of course, that's why everyone went... and also, I won a $10 voucher for Westfield, for asking a "good question" at the end of the product knowledge stuff :D Woohoo!!! This is definitely GOOD, considering all the shopping I've been doing lately... and I never win these things at work usually. Yay.

3. Nice: Seeing Michael, Charlotte, and Chubbs at Uni for a drama meeting, which was actually quite productive. We have a lot of good ideas... and this drama club can only get better.

More Nice: I spent this morning curled up on the lounge, reading Harry Potter (book #2 - finished in 2 days. I'm quickly running out!), and listening to music by Johann Strauss. This music is special to me - the Opera I was recently in was all about Johann Strauss, and a lot of the songs we sung were vocal arrangements of some of his more famous waltzes. So listening to the music brings back some lovely memories...

Bloody frustrating & annoying & the one bad thing about the last 24 hours...: oops, did I just say all that?? Okay, so over the last few weeks, we've been doing blocking for Act II of the play I'm directing, "Noises Off". Today, Charlotte and I discussed the set... and realised that most of the set in Act II is actually back-to-front. Basically, this means... I have to redo all the blocking again.
      Why this is bad #1: this will waste even more time.. when we are already on a tight schedule
      Why this is bad #2: Telling the cast on Sunday that the blocking for Act II has to be redone, this time in reverse, is NOT going to be easy. Not only are they also going to worry about the lost time... I'm scared to death that they will lose faith in me as a director. I should have said something earlier. It is NOT going to be easy to tell the cast that the last 3 weeks worth of work has to be scrapped, pretty much. I'm really not looking too forward to Sunday's rehearsal *sigh*

Oh well. Now I have to redo all 60 pages of blocking in my script, and find some way of breaking the news to my cast without making them hate me. This will be fun.

But apart from that, things are fine :P But somehow, I can't quite concentrate on all the good things, without this dark cloud hanging over my head.


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