scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Kate and I went unit hunting this morning. We found something that is within our price range, and the location of it is perfect. It's just off a main road, 2 minutes walk away from a 24 hour BP Express, 5 minutes drive from the biggest shopping centre in SA. The street itself is quiet and peaceful, and behind it is a train stop. It really is lovely. We're just waiting for a callback from the real estate agents about an open inspection. I hope they call soon. We really want to see the inside of this place!

This is getting exciting. I think in the backs of our minds, we've been wondering if this moving out this will actually happy, but now that we've started really looking at places, its becoming all the more real. and I feel free again There's no real reason for why this won't work out. I'm getting so excited.

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