February 28th, 1998

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

Journal Entries

Last night was another fun night. We - me, Sarah, Kristy, Russell, and Greg - went out for Chinese together, at this really nice place near the beach. It was delicious! Neither me or Russell are much looking forward to Uni. I don't know...it's just nothing. 2 more days. Oh well. There's no point in worrying about it. I'm just looking forward to tonight! It's going to be really cool! I can't wait to see everyone again.

These days, I am so much into reading other people's journals. I mean, online ones. I didn't used to, in fact, I never used to reads other people's journals. But now, when ever I go to a page that has a journal, I have to at least look in the most recent entry. If I really like the way the author has written, I'll usually look through some of the archives as well. There's some journals that I'll read everyday, to see what's new in their lives. Usually the people that I talk to on ICQ, but then there's some others. Oh well...

I swear my journal entries are getting more and more boring. I'm really sorry to who ever's reading this! Nothing much is happening in my life at the moment. Well I mean, nothing that other people would probably be interested in reading about! I was swamped a few minutes ago, talking to so many people on ICQ, but now it's stopped. Because I talk to so many people from the US and places overseas, most of my ICQ friends are on in the morning over here (for example, when it's 11:30pm Saturday morning here, it's 8:30pm Friday night over there! Isn't that cool?), but I do have some great Aussie buds online as well.


I'm soo restless! It's now only an hour before I have to get ready for tonight, and I just can't wait. I so much just want to see all my old school friends again.

Hey, what is it with everyone closing down their sites to change them around? I've just been to 2 of my usual pages, and discovered that they're both closed down, with promises of a whole new site to be up soon! What gives?! Just kidding. I'm not complaining, I love new layouts. :o) I'm still deciding on my new layout.

Anyway, better go. I have an hour to get ready. Love ya all!