March 10th, 1998

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

I'm sorry I've neglected you

I haven't written an entry for so long, and I feel bad because there's so much that I want to say. Part of it is I didn't have time over the last few days. The other part was...not caring, I guess. I have come *so* close to ripping down my site over the last few days. Closing it down, and never having to worry about it anymore. There's so much work involved in updating a page, and making it so that people was to bookmark it, or at least return sometime in the future. I was beginning not to care about it all anymore. Page hits, guestbook entries, email about the page. Votes in the Site Fights. All that hich used to be so important to me, I don't even care about anymore. I used to be able to spend hours after hours on the Net and not get bored, but now I'm bored after maybe an hour or two, and that's only if I'm talking to people. If no-one's online, I just get bored of looking at pages on the Web.

But on the other hand, having a site is fun. Sometimes I really like keeping a journal, even if I am too slack to update it reguarly. It's encouraging to read the things people write in my guestbook, and in emails. And it's fun designing new layouts and stuff. I can still make time for my page Even if it's just an hour a week. I don't have to update everyday.

Saturday night, I caught up with Sarah and Kristy. I hadn't spoken to Kristy since uni started, so I had to fill her in on all 'the uni goss'. I think she was suprised that I was enjoying uni so much. I don't know why. Maybe because of th horror stories that Russell was telling us? Ian rang me up that same afternoon - less than an hour after I had gotten off the phone to Sarah to go over to her place that night - and invited me to go bowling with him and Russell and some others. But i already had plans! I was so annoyed about that. I found out on Monday from Russell when I saw him in the Kaf who went Saturday night. Him, Ian, David, and some other friend of Ian's. Imagine that. I know I would have had so much fun. They're all great guys (except this other friend of Ian's, who I don't know), but hey, I still had fun at Sarah's. We played trivial pursuit, testing our knowledge on the stuff we were meant to know but didn't. At least it was cheap *smile*. I'm a broke babe again.

I got an email from David today! I was so stoked about that. I mailed him at his uni address yesterday, and I asked him to mail back if he wanted, but I didn't think he would. But he did! I miss my old school friends still so much, I have the email addresses of a few others, which I'm going to write to *soon*. It's one way of keeping in touch!

I'm making more friends at uni too. Today I talked to Davina for an hour during our break, and then went to the Migration Museum with Bec for Human Service Provision. we came back afterwards through Rundle Mall, and there was this guy doing a show in the middle of it. Bec got chosen for a volunteer for his show! She looked embarrassed and scared to death - the guy was juggling mechete's and jumping bikes over her and the other 3 'volunteers'!

I'm really happy that I have tomorrow off. I'm so tired! The heat, and all the waiting around in the city for buses, really wears you out. Rushing from classes in order to get to lectures on time, or rushing to the Magill stop in order to get the early bus and therefore not having to wait half an hour for the next bus in the heat. I can catch up on my reading, start my article review, do some letters, maybe work some on my new page. I say all that, but knowing me, I'll only do half of it.