May 1st, 1998

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

Waste of space

I fell over on the side of the road after I got off the bus, twisting my back and wrecking my knee, in front of about, oh, four bus loads of people :P. So now my back is clubbing, I can barely walk - but anyway.

I got my Human Service Provision assignment finished tonight - 2 days before I had intended to finish it. So I think tonight I’ll start uploading everything to my page - I haven’t been online since Sunday, and I’m proud of myself. Hopefully it gets done, probably someone will call or something instead, so it won’t. :P Always happens. Today was the most boring Sociology tutorial, I practically fell asleep, along with the rest of the class. It was okay when Ilona and Monique were presenting the tutorial - it got boring after Rodney Fopp (tutor) took over. Yawn. He is soo incredibly snore-worthy, and while Sociology is definitely interesting stuff, it’s presented in such a dull way that nobody learns anything in any of the tutorials or lectures. It’s not even worth going, but it’s a requirement to show up for all the lectures and seminars, therefore, we can’t skip out on them. If we could, probably no-one would go. : )

I realise that I apologise too much in my journal entries for writing ‘boring’ stuff. Well, I’m not going to anymore. I was thinking about it - and hey! Guess what? This is my journal! I can write whatever I want and if people are bored or don’t like it, then they don’t have to read it!! I’m not going to care if people don’t read my journal entries, I won’t even know unless I get a whole heaps of mails saying, "you’re journal is boring and I’m not ever going to read it again", which I doubt people will waste their time doing! Besides, when I write things that sound boring to me, people sometimes say that they find this interesting. What, my life?! But then, I find a lot of journal’s interesting that the writers probably regard as ‘a waste of cyber-space’. I guess the bottom line of what I’m saying here is, I should stop apologising in my diary to other people for being ‘boring’ or writing an entry that I don’t like. Because if people don’t like it, then they don’t have to read it.

PS: The girls lost tonight on Battle of the Sexes : ( But we’re still ahead of the guys by one on the overall tally. : )