May 28th, 1998

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

Fitting in

I was just thinking today while on the bus to uni, anout how easy it was to make the transition from high school to university. Before starting uni, I was a nervous wreck, which of course, was only natural considering how very different from high school uni is. During the first couple of days, I used to sit on the bus and envy the people who all had friends to chat to and sit with in the cafeteria.

Then fairly quickly, I guess it was, I began to make some good friends of my own. Friends to sit with on the bus and talk to about the weekend, to meet up in the cafeteria before class and have a snack.

I never really realised until today, exactly how easily I slipped into university life, and how it was such a smooth move from high school. It's said that the first six months of uni are the worst, but I enjoyed mine. Barring the stress of assignments, I found it easy to make new friends, find my way around, devise a new routine for myself. I even kept in contact with some of the friends from high school. It's like two different worlds, and they're both good. During the week I have uni and my friends there. The weekends are for my old high school friends. Heck, I still keep in touch with one of my old friends from primary school even.

Sitting on the lawn today outside with Bec after class, I realised how well I felt like I fit into uni. It felt natural just being there - not the scary adult world that I first thought that it would be.