July 31st, 1998

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


I’m going to see ‘Disney On Ice’ tomorrow afternoon! I can’t wait! Okay, so maybe it *is* a little childish - but do I look like I care? Not at all. I love ice-skating, and I love Disney. Why shouldn’t I go?

Bec and I went into uni today, and withdrew from our subjects. So as of today, I am now an official part-time student. Wow, I never thought it would be me dropping down to just one subject. Not that I’m regretting my decision...it’s just kinda unlike me. But hey, that’s what uni is all about, making new decisions, finding out who you are.

Tim owes me money for his yearbook. *grr* I need that money, so I hope he gets it to me soon. I only gave 1 IOU for the yearbook, and that’s only because a) I trust Tim, and b) he lives so far away that there wasn’t really much choice. Good ol’ David is acting as our go-between. But whatever, I just hope I recieve it soon, It’s only $13, but for a broke babe like me, it’ll come in handy! I really need a job.