September 20th, 1998

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My party was last night. What can I say - but it was pretty good, if I do say so myself! Yes, I have been breathing sighs of relief all day long. About 30 people turned up overall, a lot of people whom I didn't even think would come. David was there, and he brought some of the other guys from school that I haven't seen in a while, my usual group was there, plus some others from school. Some friends from uni also came down for a little while, and my neighbours Kate and Anna were over too. The jukebox went crazy all night, a lot of people brought alcohol but only Russell and Kris got really drunk, and neither of them are violent drunks, so it was just funny. We had helium balloons, and everyone was taking them down and undoing them and then inhaling them so their voices sounded like chipmunks.

I guess it would take ages to say all that happened that night. Sarah brought a video camera and we filmed parts of the party, so we'll have to watch that sometime soon - relive the memories. Ali, who was in my class last year but we were never really close friends, rang yesterday afternoon to ask if she could stay the night because she didn't want to drive all the way home that late at night (2am, she lives about half an hour away), so she stayed over after we finally kicked everyone out at 2:30am because we wanted to go to sleep. Ali was saying that she'd like to join our group on the weekends because she's been lonely since her boyfriend joined the Navy and her other friends are just not bothering to keep in touch, so I'm going to ring her later on in the week to invite her out with us this weekend. I think I'm making another good friend - she's such a sweetie and we were up for a while and for ages today just chatting about stuff.

Craig was there last night as well, and he kept touching me - he is such a flirt - but hey, having fun never hurt anyone! Although mum told me that dad was about to get out the shotgun because he noticed that Craig couldn't keep his hands off me - I hope he was just kidding!

I'm on my holidays for the next 2 weeks, and I'm going to try and catch up with more people from school and other places that I haven't seen in ages - I know I always say that, but this time, it's going to happen! Helps that my holidays are different from all my other friends, so I now have time to catch up with other people. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm just glad, that after all that worrying, my party turned out just fine. :)