September 21st, 1998

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So today, I get an email from Maxine [] asking me if I'd like to be hosted on her domain! And I know I said I was perfectly happy eing on Xoom and wouldn't move back to a domain, but the thought is tempting. For one thing, I do not consider Skychild a domain, or at least a teen domain. She isn't hosting, as far as I know, only she has 250mb to use, so she's offering some of it to me. Her domain doesn't consist of a few 'games', a thousand hosted sites, a lot of which are just carbon copies of each other, and best of all, she doesn't have a UBB! Wooo. But seriously. I don't know if I should move to Skychild or not. Anyone want to tell me what to do?

You know what? I read all these other online journals, and my life just seems so shallow in comparison. Parties, shopping, hanging out with friends, I love it all, but my journal is really nothing. It's more like a recollection of my days events, than an analysation of my thoughts and feelings - which isn't what a journal is for? Do people really care what I did during the day? But I guess, if people don't like it, they don't have to read it. I guess it's good for me to write about even just what I've been doing, because it's fun to look back in a few months time and remember things that happened. Well, maybe not all things. There are a few things that I can think of in the last months that I would just like to forget.

You know what? Greg is such a sweetie. He, Ian and Russ chipped in to buy me a present for my birthday (a box of Stationary - they know me too well. :) Well actually, Greg was the one who chose it out), and Greg wrote on the card on behalf of the three of them, but I know they were his words. A really sweet comment, something about how I'm a special person and some other stuff...I guess it's not a big deal, but you know, it's nice to have people tell you that stuff occassionally. Especially just when you're beginning to think that they don't care, you find out that they do.

To move, or not to that is the question.