September 27th, 1998

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It's raining outside, and everything smells so fresh and clean and new. I love the smell of rain. It's been so warm today, and now it's raining. Spring showers.

The Crows won the Grand Final yesterday, and despite I don't even like the sport, I watched the second half of the game, and I was thrilled when they kicked North Melbourne's asses, 105-70. South Australia is euphoric. Half the newspaper this morning, all the radio stations, and the TV is talking about the Crows win. All I can say is, good for them. They played a good game, considering they were 24 points down by half time and everyone was assuming that North Melbourne was a shoe-in for the Premiership. Hence the Crows colours at the top of this journal entries. Too bad the media is going to be milking this up until next years Grand Final, but for now, it's great.

"Mulan" is the greatest Disney movie. I just adored it last night when I went to see it with Sarah and Greg. It was totally unlike any other Disney movie, and I liked the girl power theme in it. A girl running off to join the army and kicking all the guys butts? I say, you go girl! Greg enjoyed the movie as well - he's such a SNAG (sensitive new aged guy). He's so different from Russ and Ian, but I guess that's what makes our group so diverse. No-one could accuse us of being a clique, because aren't cliques all the same sort of people? Our group is made up of people who are all so different from each other. I like that.

Things are good. I have plans for almost every day this week. I'm finally catching up with people I haven't seen in awhile. And the weather still smells beautiful outside.