October 2nd, 1998

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I always think of all this stuff to write like the night before I actually get to the computer, and by the time I get around to actually writing out my thoughts and stuff, I've forgotten half the stuff I was meant to write. :P

But anyway. My back and my arms are all red and sore from carrying like 8 huge textbooks home from uni...but at least I finally have references for this next essay. Yay. Although I don't quite think it was worth breaking my back for. But anyway. Now I can stop worrying that I haven't even started the blasted thing.

The guys were supposed to ring me before I go out tonight in an hour about going nightclubbing tomorrow night, and I'm getting the feeling that they aren't going to call. Probably because they haven't organised anything about it yet. Like how we're going to get there. Gee the guys have great organisation skills. Like when we all arranged to go over to Ian's last Friday night, and we told him to ring Russell the night before and he said he would...then me, Sarah and Griff rocked up to his house and Ian had to ring Russell then because he forgot to before. So anyway, who knows what's happening tomorrow night?

Ya know what's really crap? Over here in Australia, McDonald's have this bruger, called McOz, which is supposed to be all Australian sorta thing. Except it's got...KETCHUP in it! Ketchup is AMERICAN!! We call it sauce!! And they really expect us to believe that this is an AUSTRALIAN burger? Yeah, sure.

Shows how stuck I am for something to write about when I'm writing about the food in McDonalds. Ugh.