October 18th, 1998

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I've decided I want to be a Sailor Moon scout. ;) Well, maybe not. But lately I've been obsessing like crazy over all that stuff - and I've come to the conclusion that if I had to have a favourite scout, it would be Sailor Mars - she has the same hair as me. ;) Well, very similar anyway. I'm going download crazy - seeing as Sailor Moon is basically non-existent in Australia as far as I've seen, I have to make do with video clips and graphics from all the Sailor Moon sites. Ah well. If anyone knows of any good anime shops in South Australia, tell me!! Because I sure don't.

I've spent the majority of this weekend doing an essay for Psych which, as always, I left to the last minute...but upon finding it a WHOLE lot easier than I expected to write, have about finished it, 2 days ahead of schedule...I'm proud. Or at least, relieved that it's done and backed up on 2 hard drives so I can't lose it. Considering last week I really didn't think I would get it done, and really didn't want to do it...at least this is the last essay I'll have to write until next year! Weee!