January 27th, 1999

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so today i went off to that lifeline information session. blah. i'm really not in the mood to write about it. so put up with me, okay? i got into the city 40 minutes before the infomation session started, but as it turned out, that was a good thing because i got lost finding the street the building was on. after wandering through the market place, buying a 45c pack of gum to try and get directions [the checkout girl didn't know where the street was but at least i finally brought myself some decent gum], and then finally asking some guy at the one hour photo developing place, i found the street. don't laugh. it was right behind me where i got off the bus. hello, haven't people ever heard of street signs?? obviously not. so anyway, i went into the building and found the room and sat down and listened for 2 hours while all these different people talked about lifeline and the commitment to being a telephone counsellor and the details of the training sessions, etc, etc. it was interesting, no, really it was. i really want to do this. but first, there's a selection process. so i have to write an essay on why i want to be a lifeline telephone counsellor. then, if we get selected, we have to pay $150, to cover the training. since lifeline is a non-goverment funded organisaton, they rely on contributions from the community to fund themselves. that's fair enough, but where am i going to get $150 from? especially after i get back from sydney, and starting uni, i'll have to pay like, $200 for textbooks like last year. i don't really feel comfortable asking my parents for the money either, but i guess i don't really have any choice. then, if we get selected, we start training in february. which would be okay, except i'm in sydney during febraury. we can miss 2 training sessions at the most. i'll only miss 2 because they start in the second half of the month, but still, i'd rather not miss any because they'll be pretty damn helpful. and then it's a pretty big committment, especially for something which is voluntary, especially since i already have full-time uni and a part-time job.

but apart from that? it still sounds pretty good.

i'll apply [i'll do the essay over the weekend], and if i don't get in [because one of the co-ordinaters told me to put down that i would have to miss the first 2 training sessions so that they know], when i'll just apply again in july when they recruit again. at least in july i'd be here for all the training sessions.

darn. but i really wanted to do this now. i think i've just found the one bad thing about going to sydney.

nah. it'll be worth it.