January 31st, 1999

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look for the rainbow in every storm / find out for certain love's gonna be there for you / you'll always be someone's baby...

i never thought i'd say this, but i actually like a spice girls song. how can this be?!?! i guess stranger things have happened though.

so much for my plan to not to anything for the next few days [[count 'em: FIVE days]] until i go away. my plan that i would just stay home and do little things like read and write and go online, the stuff i might not get time to do until i return in a month's time, well, that didn't last long. today is the LAST day i have spare before i leave. the rest of my week is packed full of plans, night AND day. going out with friends every day and night, and of course, the last day for packing. i just know i'm gonna leave something behind, and it's going to be something i NEED, like my address book or the bands for my watch or my something. and it'll probably be something that i can't just go out and replace like a lip balm or hairbrush. but oh well. that's half the fun of going away - working out what you need to take, packing it all up, being responsible for yourself. i can't wait.

but the thing is, i WANT to do all this stuff like go out every minute of the day. because i realise how bored i get lately. like yesterday. i was home for maybe a total of 4 hours in between tim's wedding and going out to the skyshow with my friends. one hour i went to kate's place and talked to her for a while. another hour or so i was online. and the rest of the time? i had no idea what to do. everything bored me. i wasn't in the mood to write a letter, go online, work on a new page. what i wanted to do was go out with a bunch of friends and just do anything. which i did. [yay].

january is just about over. i think this is going to be a QUICK year.