April 19th, 1999

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I have had THE most unproductive day. I didn't start seriously working until abou an hour and a half ago, but at least during that hour and a half, I got my drama talk done. Well, pretty much. It's all written out, but I haven't read through it yet to make sure it's in the right time span. The problem will be cutting it down to make sure it's between 2 & 3 minutes long. And I still have to organise props and stuff, and rehearse it through. But the hard part is done, so that's good. That's one thing now to worry about now.

I hate unproductive days. I hate getting motivated. For hours I knew I'd have to study today, I'd put it off WAY too long already. But not getting motivated until 6:30pm, well, that's a problem. But I guess I'm more of a night time person anyway. I prefer to study through the night,I never get anything done during the day.

I'm trying to do some stupid Excel thing for my computer class. It's so stupid and pointless. *sigh*

My day has been nothing but homework [or thinking that I should be doing homework]. What else do you expect me to talk about?