June 11th, 2000

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So I sit here at the computer, with Fiona Apple playing in the CD ROM, as I slowly start to go insane. All this studying...for 2 weeks straight, that's ALL I've been doing. Trying to make up for all that lost time whilst I was sick. What makes it all the worse is the knowledge that this is to go on for the next 2 weeks or so whilst I study for exams...The thought depresses me. I guess I shouldn't be complaining...I guess I'm just very tired of all of this. I've never been so sick of my computer in my life.

There's really nothing too much to say at this point in time. My good friend Steven was in town this weekend, and surprised me at work yesterday, which was great! Apart from that, this week hasn't been too exciting. We finally saw the finished version of the video I've been working on, "Gary's House" on Thursday, and I must say that it looks a whole lot better than any of us expected it to. I have a lot of respect for the editors of that film!

But I guess I should be off now, and try and get some more work done...When will this semester be over???