December 1st, 2000

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

Opening Night

I remember watching "Stuart Little" recently, and I love the opening line. The little kid, George [played by Jonathon Lipnicki, who I just adore], jumps out of bed, and runs around the house shouting, "It's today! It's today!"

Well that's how I feel right now.


Finally.... after 4 months of work, dreaming, meetings and rehearsals... we finally have a show to perform. It's going ahead tonight, no matter what. This is IT. The moment we have been looking towards since July. In.... 9 1/2 hours, we will be on that stage, breathing life into those characters, creating a make-believe world for the audience. Finally. Finally finally finally. We had just about given up hope that we would get make it to this stage... no pun intended ;)

I'm so nervous, but I'm trying to relax. I just spoke to Jeremy to find out if there's anything he needs me to do, last minute stuff, but we have it all under control.

I woke up feeling nervous this morning. I can't believe it's finally happening. My nerves aren't just from being on stage and acting [particularly THAT scene], but... the whole thing. This play, has been my vision. When the first play didn't work out in September, and in October we started this one, "They're Playing Our Song", and Jeremy asked me if I wanted to direct it... it's been my creation. Our creation. Jeremy and I have been running this show since October, and tonight we'll finally see if we've done a good job. Whether the audience like it. Whether the directing has worked. Whether all our organisation has been enough. Tonight is the moment of truth. Opening Night is always a big deal.

Wish me luck... and think of me. Because this is IT.

We finally made it.