January 15th, 2001

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it's so refreshing watching little kids shop.

a little boy, about 5 years old, brought a baseball cap today. he handed me $30, and in change, i gave him back $3. "look mum!" he said excitedly. "look at all this money!" he was thrilled with the coins i gave him, thrilled that they were his very own.

it made all the waiting customers who heard him smile, and it made me smile too. there was something so innocent and fresh about this child, and it made me wonder if you had to be 5 years old again to appreciate the little things in life. when you get older, money seems to be the most important thing, how much you have, how much you don't have... but then you get a little kid who's thrilled just to have some loose change for his own.

maybe we should take a lesson from the young children, and start appreciating everything we have... not just the big things.