March 6th, 2001

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... and i just realised something.

i sent off a money order yesterday for my stuff at, and i sent it via express post, because i don't trust the regular post for checks and stuff. except i just realised that i forgot to peel off that little white sticker that says "sender to keep" and the code of the envelope. bleah.

i hope they don't send it straight back to me so i can peel it off. that would kinda defeat the purpose of sending something by express post.
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

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things to do before Wednesday:

- finish reading "Noises Off" script

- select a few pages of script for my Directing in the Performing Arts class

- start readings for Adult Development

- write to Sarah D.

- the anniversary card for my parents

-call Kristy

- start journal for Directing

I got most of it done. I'm pretty proud of myself, actually. i can make myself feel motivated after all.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

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stupidist phone call of the day:

Jade: "Good afternoon. Thankyou for calling Rebel Sport, this is Jade speaking"
male teenage customer on other end: "um, hello, can you please put me through to sporting?"

Ummm, hello????? I just looked into the receiver and blinked. Did he totally miss the "Rebel Sport" part??

I got a good laugh out of it anyway.