May 31st, 2001

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

its not so bad...

Well at least, I hope not.

After last night's little stress (see previous entry...).. I spent a sleepless night worrying about the script, the play, the actors, and their response to the changes I'll need to make.

I work up early, and got to Uni earlier than normal, sat down, and did some work on the script, and thought about things some more.

And now that I've had time to think things through logically... I don't think it's going to be all that bad.

I mean, it's a play. Things get changed all the time. And there's not as many changes as I thought there would be.

So maybe it will be okay. But I don't want to say too much... in case I jinx myself. I'm already scared enough about the rehearsal on Sunday.