September 2nd, 2001

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I got my day off today. First day off in 6 weeks... no wonder I've been so tired.

However, tonight I ended up doing a little bit of studying anyway... funny how I give myself permission not to do ANYthing for a whole day, and I still can't stop myself from working. Perhaps I really am a workaholic.

Nah, not really. But it's nice, one more thing out the way that I have to do, and now I have Tuesday night free, since that was when I was going to do the studying I did tonight. Does that make sense? I didn't think so.

On Friday, Kate and I went to the Royal Show. It was a lot of fun - I'm really glad we went together. We just acted like big kids all day, and it was great. We used to go together when we were younger, so it was like bringing back memories. We got to the show around 2:30pm, and stayed until after the fireworks - just walking around, taking in the atmosphere, playing sideshows (and not winning anything), going on a few rides. I got to meet her boyfriend Russell, and I also saw Lexy, who was working there. We pigged out on junk food, and just enjoyed the general atmosphere. Despite the rain, it was really a lovely day. Especially how I hadn't been planning to go to the show this year.

Work yesterday kinda sucked... I was thinking how much I was hating it, and then I remembered my promotion... now all of a sudden I'm supposed to care again. Somehow... it doesn't feel right. But perhaps yesterday was just a bad day, and besides, for the most part, I really like the people I work with and enjoying talking to them etc.

Phone call... more later.