December 14th, 2001

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We put up our Christmas tree today, and I'm happy to say that it finally feels like Christmas.

[When you work in retail, it's sad how Christmas loses it's meaning, how it becomes nothing more than sales, dollars, and materialism. It shouldn't be like this. It just... shouldn't]


I painted my nails and put metallic coloured decals onto them. Kate was right; I shouldn't have brought the metallic blue nail polish. Because you can hardly see the decals, and it all seems kinda pointless.

But anyway. Sometimes you have to have moment of shallowness, of nothingness. We don't need to be serious all the time.
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

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It's just been one of those days where almost nothing productive has happened, despite my claim last night that I would accomplish everything that needed doing. In fact, it's been a pretty much wasted three days. I haven't done a whole lot; although some would say that's not a waste, but something good. And I mean, the next week + a half is going to be crazy at work, so taking a chance to relax and do not much is probably not a waste after all.

Still, I hate achieving next to nothing on my to-do lists.

Tomorrow night after work, I'm going with Sarah + Daniel to see the Christmas lights at Loberthal. I'm hoping that this will truly bring Christmas into my world; I mentioned in a previous post that it just hasn't felt like Christmas this year. I love Loberthal, and I love the long drive it takes to get there. Call me a sentamentalist; it's one of my favourite Christmas traditions. Last year, Kate, Anna, Leah + I drove down on Christmas night, and it was a wonderful way to spend the last remaining hours of Christmas, with family and neighbours. It's odd, because I can remember the details of last Christmas so vividly still; perhaps that's why it hasn't felt like Christmas here yet. I'm still living in a world of yesterday.

I'm not quite ready to return to work tomorrow.
you're gonna be just fine... perhaps that song lyric that just played from my CD player is a sign.