January 23rd, 2002

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This afternoon was spent shopping instead of studying, but shortly, I'll get back to it. I really just want this exam to be over, as well as everything else, but I've complained about that all enough in recent times; goodness knows that I need to get a new catchphrase. I finally got shoes for Sarah's wedding; the shoe shop which I originally ordered them from rang this morning saying that they couldn't get anymore in, so I had to go off in a frantic search for something else. It's hard buying shoes in size 5; the population may be getting bigger in general, but there's still a few of us who take small sizes. Add that to the purchases I made for Sarah's Hens' night next week, the storage units for my room, and the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and it was an enjoyable afternoon. But for now: back to the books. I really hate exams.