January 26th, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

kiss the rain, whenever you need me...

It was difficult, but I actually got through the Health Psychology exam yesterday after all. I know I sound surprised, but honestly, I am. If nothing else, I am just so relieved that it's over. Just an essay and poster to finish, and this summer subject will be done. Thank goodness.

Tomorrow I'm going camping with some girls from work, and I can't wait. We're heading down to the beach, and it's bound to be a good weekend. Not to mention getting away for a couple of days - it's just about what I need right now.

Oh yes. And I'm not moving out with Kate after all. I'm disappointed, but, whatever. So I've been going shopping instead. Last night's expedition to the city saw purchases of Lord of the Rings posters, a new mobile phone cover + unicorn hologram, CDs [New Found Glory, and Billie Myers], and the Bring it On video. I'm such a dork. At least not moving out of home means I can suddenly afford to do things, and this can't be a bad thing. I want to buy an exercise bike, and a DVD player. I'm also going to FINALLY take up proper singing lessons again. Amongst other things. Not being at uni except for the one last subject, and working so that I actually have money leaves room for all sorts of possibilities.

But right now: I have an essay to finish up. Damnit.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

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awww. Jami is lovely! *kisses* I'll write to you SOON!!
[+ to everyone else I promised letters :)]
Staying at home and writing an essay on a Saturday night is really not so bad when you have lovely angels to talk to + keep you company. I am so blessed.

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