January 31st, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

my friends are my everything

so I sounded a little pissed off last night. Whatever - I'm over it.
This time tomorrow and my summer school subject will be just about over. Thank goodness!

But more positive things! Because there's been enough grumping of late. Nice things of the last 24 hours:

- talking to Gayle on the phone [can't wait to go surfing next week mate!]

- talking to Nath on icq [glad things are all good there in Perth, we miss ya here though! :)]

- talking to Sheryn on MSN [I'll see you this afternoon!]

Today I'm in layby at work, so that'll be good. I have *real* work to do there (haha), as opposed to being on reg. It's a nice change.