February 12th, 2002

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I'm starting ballet lessons again!! I rang up my old dance school - despite my wishes to start afresh at somewhere new (after all, 8 years at the same place leaves no secrets), this wound up being a blessing. I talked to the woman, who I think was actually my old tap teacher when I was 7-15 years old, and she said they will start me off in either the Pre-Elementary class, or Elementary ballet classes; which are the advanced ones. I told her I'd only done 3 years of ballet and only gone up to Grade 3, but because I can do some pointe, she told me to come along to the Elementary class, and give it a go. I think the Elementary classes are the pointe classes; so I'm incredibly excited about that. I've wanted to dance ballet for so long, and now, thanks to the dance I'm doing for Lauren that has re-created my passion again, I'm going to start this week. I hope I can keep up though... it HAS been some years since my last class, and no doubt these girls will all be professional and fantastic, whilst I'll be struggling to keep up. But hey - she told me to go to that class *shrugs*.


I start at Lifeline tomorrow.
Eeee. Nervous, but looking forward to it. Yet another thing I've wanted to do for so long, that is finally starting.