April 26th, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

moving so quickly

Rang QUT admissions, and talked about applying for the Bachelor of Creative Industries. With my GPA, they say I shouldn't have any problems with getting in.
Rang Chermside Rebel Sport store, and talked to the manager about getting a transfer. He was very friendly and very easy to talk to - and he says it shouldn't be any problem getting a place there come July.

My mother thinks that this is all "meant to be".
Everything is falling into place so quickly.
I guess what all this means is that I'm moving to Queensland.

[and was it only 3 days ago that I mentioned this "idea" to my parents? And only 3 days ago that I said to my friend Kate that the thought of going to QLD was exciting, but that it definitely wouldn't happen until next year, if at all? How things can change in the space of 72 hours.]