August 24th, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

auditions, photos, and a little inspiration

so I had my first professional audition today [for the Australian production of The Lion King, which starts touring in October 2003], and in all honesty, i know i sounded like crap when i sang. i wasn't nervous until the half hour before my audition, but when i get nervous, it shows in my voice when i sing. So i was disappointed with myself, but i only wanted to go to see what a professional audition was like.

i've been reading a lot of the book that cooling gave me, Chasing Down the Dawn by Jewel, and it's been so inspirational. it reminds me not to give up on my dreams so easily, because sometimes things happen when you least expect them too, sometimes the bad things turn out to be good, and sometimes you just have to have a little faith.

incidentally, i got my casting agency photos back last night, and surprises of all surprises, they actually turned out pretty good. i'm not embarrassed to look at these photos, and i actually feel confident enough about having these pictures in the agency's catalogue and website. who knows, maybe things are starting to turn around again.