September 2nd, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

self-fulfilling prophecy

i feel sick :(
the irony of the situation was that i was meant to have an audition tomorrow, but i decided that i wasn't ready for it, so i rang up, told the lady i had the flu and wouldn't be able to come in. i was feeling fine when i made that call, but half an hour later? i do believe they call this a self-fulfilling prophecy. damnit. i'm hoping to feel better by tomorrow, perhaps with lots of sleep i'll be okay.
i think i'll go to bed shortly, and finish reading I Was a Teenage Fairy [isn't that book heavenly!!], and hopefully still be awake when Russ rings.

as well as that, i got a $50 parking fine at uni today; but I also got 2 assignments back for Theatre History. I got a Credit + for my essay, and a Distinction + for our group presentation (in which we threw toilet paper over the audience), so over all, i'm pretty happy with that. first assignments of the new year (of a new uni!) are always hard simply because half the mark is about knowing what the tutor is looking for. so i'm not doing too badly at all so far. I have a break from assignments now for a little while, so maybe it's good that i got sick now, so at least i'm not stressing about work that needs to be done. on the other hand, i'm not well enough to actually enjoy my time off; but it's only 3 weeks until i have my holiday to Adelaide, so I can hold on for that bit longer.