September 4th, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

new ballet classes and plane tickets south

feeling a lot more positive and happier today. I just got back from ballet, and I've started at a new school, which is always nerve-racking in itself, but i've also gone up a grade (to Elementary), which was an added challenge. But I really loved it tonight. The extra challenge is just what I need to focus more (and practice more! I just don't do that enough), and the atmosphere of the class is just... nicer than at the school I was previously at. More relaxed, but still serious and committed to getting the best results out of their students. Hopefully I'll be able to settle down at this dance school, because all this changing around isn't doing much for my nerves, especially when I keep seeking for something stable around me. You can't always depend on people, but you can depend on dance.

I booked my plane tickets to go back home yesterday - Wednesday Sept 25 through to Tuesday October 8. Which means there's only 3 weeks until I can see everyone again, and my excitement is rising each day. I love it up here, but by god, I continuously think about everyone back home, and with the number of people I've been keeping in touch with since I left (more than I expected would, actually), it just makes me long to hang out with certain people again, and remember times only a few months ago when I had no intentions of leaving. I kind of miss those days, or perhaps its just the people I miss.

In other news: I got a High Distinction for an assignment today (incidentally, for the class I'm the most bored in, my one compulsory subject), I finally got my stereo back (technically: it got replaced, after the old one broke and had to be sent back to the manufacterer for repairs), and Pat just called me a frog. However, he's just left to pick up pizza, so I'll forgive him. Heh.