September 6th, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

"objection, i don't want to be the exception"

listening to Shakira's album, which brings back so many memories of a time only a few months ago, yet it feels like a whole other world from where I am now. Remembering listening to these songs, being obsessed with Big Brother 2, designing layouts for my domain, just starting ballet again, and dreaming of the possibilities of studying performing arts in another state but not quite believing it could happen. Just beginning to know Russell, spending time going to movies with the work girls, and contemplating working at Rebel fulltime, at least until the end of the year. Oh how thing can change so quickly; sometimes it all feels so surreal.

I had an hour of pointe last night, and my toes are all blistered and sore. My pointes are getting all ripped up, and I need to do something about that. As well as that, I need new tap shoes, and I will probably need a pair of demi-pointes as well. It's getting so expensive, but that's okay. Today I'm off to buy the syllabus guide for Elementary (although I think they're calling it Intermediate now?) so I can practice properly - I hope my housemates won't mind if I turn the dining room into a practice area (I can use the window sill as a barre), but I don't think it will be a problem. I'm just so happy to be dancing again.

... i love spring time.
butterfly girl : where she goes when she


can anyone recommend a good program to download mp3s with?
[now that i have my speakers finally set up, let the downloading begin!]