September 15th, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

the year of 22

i have had the loveliest birthday today :)
i wasn't really expecting too much of a day - after all, being away from all my family and friends, plus having an exam at 9am tomorrow morning wasn't exactly a prelude to an exciting day. but it's been wonderful. many phone calls and sms messages from friends and family which was a sweet reminder that i hadn't been forgotten. i met up with my penpal Farah for lunch and shopping in the city, and she brought me a birthday present -- faerie wings!!!! this is exciting because i had to leave my faery wings back in Adelaide when i moved up here (due to size and packing restrictions), and it seems silly to miss something so frivolous, but in past months, they've almost become a part of me. so having a pair up here is beyond exciting. wings of every colour of the rainbow with gold glitter. rock on.

then i get home, and Pat drags me out to hire a video and do some food shopping - i thought he just wanted the company. we come home about half an hour later, and the house, especially the dining room, has been transformed - Jane had spent the time decorating it with confetti, candles, balloons, streamers. the house was dark when we walked in, and all i could see was the light of the candles, and in the middle of the table, a cake with sparklers. we made chicken and pasta for dinner, watched Scary Movie, and all in all, it was the sweetest thing ever. i'm so incredibly touched by the effort they put in to make this a special day for me.

and i got presents!! Jane got me a jade-ball, a dream ball - to put under my pillow and help inspire my dreams, and Pat brought me the soundtrack for The Virgin Suicides[!!]. I also received money from my parents and Nan, and the video Bootmen from my sister. but the best thing of all was being with people who wanted to make this lovely for me, even whilst being away from everyone so close. that was the sweetest surprise of all.