October 16th, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

whats happening to our world?

I remember how shocked I felt when I first heard about what happened in Bali, on Sunday morning, through a simple fleeting comment made in the newsagency. I knew nothing of what had truly happened, but my first thought was: "Kate".

Kate and her family were on holidays in Bali.
Thankfully, she is okay -- I sent her a text message pleading for her to message me back when [if?] she received it, and she said that they had missed the bombs by half an hour or so. I'm assuming that meant they had just left to return home, since they were due back either Sunday or Monday.

Kate is not what I would call a friend anymore. But I grew up with her, and spent 11 years in friendship. As little respect as I have for her now, it scared me immensly that she and her family could be caught up in everything over there.

But she wasn't. So I'm lucky because someone who was close to me, is safe.
But many others aren't. A girl who used to work with me lost a guy she used to date. I can't imagine the grief she must be going through right now, and although I haven't seen or talked to her in several months, my heart goes out to her.

Too many innocent victims. Too much destruction, too much hatred, and no end in sight.
We're just killing time right now.