October 20th, 2002

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note to self: when the flavouring on the noodle package says "flaming chicken", it probably means it's hot!
would my mouth please stop burning?!

I have to leave for rehearsal in about 10 minutes. there's only 9 days until the opening of "Bugsy Malone", so it's getting exciting, but in that nervous "the show will never be ready on time!" way. With 50 kids in the show and weather above 30C lately, tempers have been running short and rehearsals haven't been going overly well. But I have this confidence that it's all going to pull together. Put the kids in costumes, give them their custard pies to throw at each other onstage (hmmmm), and set the stage lights on them, and they're going to be in their element. I hope.

I spent Friday night at Rebecca's place, listening and watching musical tapes. Dorky, definitely, but one of the things I love the most about being up here in Queensland is making friends who have the same quirky interests as I, giving us something to bond over that I never really did before. And when yr singing together to some old kareoke cd admist the laughter of her housemates, you can't help but smile at the simplicity of it all.

Pat tried to get me to go to a rave with him last night, but due to lack of funds (+ energy + time + will, really), I didn't. "You wouldn't need drugs!" he announced. "You are a drug! We'll give you some glitter, and you'd just love it!"

And I laugh. And everything feels light again.