October 25th, 2002

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Jane, Pat and I just finished watching "Panic Room". I wonder why I make myself watch those sorts of movies - I spent a great deal covering my face in the lounge admist sympathetic laughter from said housemates. I can't stand violence in any form, yet I only have myself to blame for being the one to choose the movie.

And to think this afternoon I was considering rewatching "Fight Club" at some stage. Yeah, right.

I booked my plane ticket this afternoon. Although the majority of my poll suggested I leave on the Friday morning, I ended up booking for Thursday night after all. I thought about the options some more, and there's actually no guarantee someone would even be able to pick me up from the airport if I came in Friday morning anyway. My mum told me that she and my sister had doctors appointments all that day, Dad would be working, Russell most likely to be working, etc etc. And for fear of rushing around -- but catching a 6:15am flight is just as much rushing anyway. That extra night to settle in at home before returning to work will probably be good for me. 20 days to go.

I finished reading White Oleander, and now I crave for something new to read. They just opened a Borders bookstore in the city; I remember how much I loved the Adelaide store, and how that was actually one of the big things I missed by moving up here. I would spend hours in there, reading, studying, drinking hot chocolate at the cafe, listening to music, buying international magazines. And now I can do all that here. You don't know how excited I am about that ;)

Monday they're having a 20% off [everything] sale... and Tori Amos' new album comes out then! So guess who'll be visiting Borders on that day.....

Pssst: recommend some books for me? Something as beautiful as White Oleander and Dangerous Angels and The Virgin Suicides... I need gorgeous words to complete my days.