November 2nd, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

"everybody loves that man... Bugsy Malone"

So I need to write about the play.

What to say, really. One more show left [tonight], after having a matinee earlier on today, and 3 night performances. It's been a long week. I'd love to say that it's going brilliantly, but in all honesty, it's not. Some shows are running smoother than others, and that gives us some hope, but from my position backstage - calling cues for kids, telling cast to keep quiet, and running after people - it's messy.

It hasn't been the easiest of productions. Kids are always more difficult, especially when there's over 50 of them. But its okay. After tonight, that's it, and really, even despite all the chaos and stress backstage, there have been some good performances. Even the night when one of the lead actresses was sick and a chorus girl had to take her place, or when on Opening Night the lighting board didn't work for half of Act 2. But you know, it all works out okay. Because it just has to in the theatre, and somehow, the show always does go on.