December 3rd, 2002

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

so thanks for making me a FIGHTER

I don't want my day off to be nearly over :( But only 2 more days until my next one, unless I get asked to work again... which is always a possibility there. Tomorrow is meant to only be a morning shift, but if I actually get to go at 1:30pm like I'm meant to, I'll be blown away.

Russell and I went to see Harry Potter and he commented that he never thought he'd be going to the theatre to actually see it. And it makes me smile that he doesn't hesitate to take me to things he would never consider doing himself, just because it makes me happy. I loved the movie, and I shrieked out aloud in one part (where Ron + Harry are in the car, with the spiders all around them and one just jumps at the window all of a sudden), and he hugged me and laughed. aww, sweetness. Afterwards he took me to a cafe for lunch, where we talked about what I could do next year (uni, work, queensland), and I love him for always being here for me, no matter what.

I have some ideas about next year that may help solve my confusion and anxiety about being in uni for 2 more years. Perhaps I'll write more about that later, but right now, it shall remain a secret between only myself and him, until I give it some more thought before putting it into writing.

And this song just seems perfect right now, in the light of false friends and petty bullshit. Because you know, I'm not going to be feeling sad about this anymore, some things really aren't worth the hassle.

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