January 2nd, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


Three things I learned in 2002:
1. I'm able to move away from home and be somewhat independent
2. That I don't want to waste my time dealing with false friends - I would rather spend quality time with people
3. I need stability to make me happy
[+ also: that it's okay to need love, it's okay to ask for help, and that people who are worth the effort are there if you need them]

Three personally significant events in 2002:
1. Moving to Queensland on my own to go to uni
2. Meeting Russell, who became my first lover and boyfriend
3. Losing Kate and an 11 year friendship

Three things I want to do in 2003:
1. Find a good job
2. Find some stability
3. Continue singing and dancing in some way

Three things I don't want to do in 2003:
1. Become depressed like I have been in the past
2. Lose touch with Russell, Kristy, or any of the Rebel girls in particular
3. Give up hope

Three people I'd like to be closer to in 2003:
1. continue to grow closer to Russell
2. Jane + Pat (I put them together, as they're both my housemates in Queensland)
3. anyone else in Queensland that I have met, or am about to meet