February 9th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


i drove up to the Sunshine Coast [about 100km up north] this weekend. stayed friday night with my aunt, uncle and baby cousin, and it was wonderful to see them again, especially my cousin Cory, who's a little under 2 1/2 years old. he grows more and more every time i see him, and this time, he was in a chatty, talkative stage. he recognises me now, and it makes me smile when he says my name, and tries to show off for me. they're also moving back to adelaide, in about 6 months - comforting how i'm not the only one.

yesterday i drove over to see my friend Kristy, who's on holidays here from adelaide. she was staying with another friend of ours, Naomi, who moved up here around the same time i did last year. took her out while Naomi was at work, and we went to this ginger factory, then to the botanical gardens to eat lunch, and then to the shopping plaza. stayed the night at Naomi's, and we went out to this club called fridays. it was okay, the highlight being the live entertainment - 2 guys playing a lot of cover songs, crowded house, greenday and that sort of thing. i fell in love with the sounds of live accoustic guitar, a solid drum beat, and vocals that truly showed the singer's love of the music.

Kristy comes up to brisbane to stay as of tuesday. Haylea, another friend from adelaide [also a friend of my housemates] comes up as of tomorrow, i think. from having no-one around to having a houseful is going to be an interesting change. i need to think of things to do, places to show people.

so if i'm not around much this week, you know what i'll be doing.
butterfly girl : where she goes when she


!! please --

recommend me a song, many songs, or great artists that would be great for listening to on a road trip?

... i need to make some new mix cds for the long drive back.