April 12th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

i don't normally write about dreams...

it's raining like mad outside, and it sounds wonderful against the roof here. it's nice to be indoors and listening to the rain, and knowing that i don't have to go out in it today.

i've become so anxious about this job that i'm starting on monday. i awoke early this morning, my heart racing, and a million thoughts floating in and out of my mind, just thinking about how this is my last weekend before i start work, and how i'm so nervous about my job. i fell back asleep, but not really asleep - one of those drifting dazes where you can clearly picture your dreams, yet you can't wake up from them. in my dream, i was back in queensland, out with some theatre people whom i didn't know, driving down a one-way street late at night and being hit by a truck that was going the wrong way. my car chipped the side of the truck, and was flung up, spiderman style, into the sky, hitting the roof of a tall building, and then plummeting into the ground. i woke up just as my car hit the ground, my heart truly pounding like mad. i remember fear, knowing that i was about to die, realising i couldn't do anything to stop what was about to happen, and living through those last moments before the final crash.

after that, starting my new job on monday really doesn't seem so nerve-racking after all :P yeah.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


damn, _pyrexia has gotten me hooked onto neopets!!

okay. so who else has them, and what are your usernames?
(as if i didn't have enough time wasters as it is...!)

oh, but these are too, too cute :D