May 4th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

outlook express

does anyone know how to back up emails in Microsoft Outlook Express version 5?
i have quite a few hundred emails there, and i think my computer is about to have a crash, anytime soon. so i'm trying to back up everything of importance while i can, but i have no idea how to back up the outlook emails :(

any suggestions?

never mind. dad figured it out, and we backed up everything to my dad's computer.

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butterfly girl : where she goes when she

tired babble

i'm so incredibly tired. going to bed as soon as i finish this entry, and it's a good thing i don't like Big Brother this time round, because i don't have to choose between sleep and seeing what happens next. 10 hours sleep would be incredibly nice tonight, and if i get moving, it's possible. love makes you do weird things, including giving up sleep on your one day to sleep in because they have to go to work and you feel bad staying at their house and continuing to sleep... yeah. sleep deprivation seems to be the name of the game. well, maybe not really.

so we finally figured out how to back up everything in outlook express. as long as my computer lasts a few more days to give me time to back up the rest of my hard-drive (although not a lot has been added since my last backup), it'll be alright. of course, the ideal solution would be for my computer not to crash; but at the moment, anything is possible, and i like to be prepared for the worst. at least my emails are saved. it'd be just too cruel to lose all those years of memories.

i really need to go to bed. i think my neopet is dying, but i'm too tired to feed her. i miss russell even though it's only been 12 hours; and i'm excited because i have new clothes to wear to work tomorrow. other than that, i really have nothing more to say, so i'm finally going to fall asleep. hooray. hopefully i can have one night without strange, vivid dreams; they always make me feel like i'm awake even whilst sleeping.

(goodnight, goodnight; parting is such sweet sorrow)