June 7th, 2003

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sorry i haven't been very social on msn or aol lately. i haven't felt like chatting to anyone.

the worst thing about working on a computer all day at work, is knowing that one of your favourite past-times is also being on the computer at home. this is not a good thing. so i try to limit my online time at home these days, just enough to read my friends page, and check on my neopet (blah, addiction). my eyes can't really handle anything more than that. so, i'm being a snob online :P but i still love you all, you know that, right?

dad & i are about to go out and have a look at some more cars. there's a couple i have in mind, i might test-drive one today and get a feel for how it runs. i can't get a loan for a car for at least another 5 weeks because my 3month probationary period at work won't be up until then, and a bank won't give you a loan if you're on a trial; but that's okay, i don't have enough saved up for a deposit yet, and for now, all i want to do is get an idea. there are so many nice little cars out there; i love the one i have at the moment, but it's getting old. it's struggling. poor car.

after that, i think i'm going to go shopping; i need some new skin-care products. this weekend, i need to look after myself, and pamper myself. i'm tired of trying to live my life for someone else. i'm going to do what i want, damnit.

letters will be on their way too. xxxxx.