June 8th, 2003

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car shopping

i nearly brought a car yesterday[!]

a gorgeous red, Toyota Echo... only 6 months old, 12,000km on the clock. brand new, basically. advertised for $14,990 - we (my dad & i) were going to try and haggle it down to $13,000, including trading in my old car. for a brand new car, that's good. we took it for a test drive, and i fell in love with it. we were very close to being able to get the price and sign the forms.

then the manager came in, announced that the wrong price had been put on that car and it was actually $15,990. after working in retail for 3 years, whats the golden rule (apart from that ridiculous one about the customer always being right)? if you advertise something at a certain price, you must sell it for that price. false advertising otherwise. if you've screwed up and put the wrong sale sign on your item, that's not the customer's fault. well this jerk was trying to say we'd need to pay the full price, minus trade in for my car ($500). when my dad didn't budge ("the wrong price on the car is NOT our problem"), he said he'd let us have it for the $14,990 (original advertised price), less $500 for the car. no deal. i'm not prepared to take out a loan for that much - i said that $15,000 was my absolute limit, and that had to include stamp duty and all the other stuff that comes with buying a new car.

so... i don't think we'll get that car :( dad seems to think that they will ring back this week with a better offer - and certainly, the sales guy we were dealing with, Mark, who was great, said as we were leaving that he'd work on Leon (the manager who basically lost the sale)... but i'm not going to hold my breath. oh well. there'll be other Echo's around, at the price i'm prepared to pay. that manager was a jerk though. he was slimey - the epitomy of what you expect a used car salesman to be like.

but. the red one was so gorgeous! nevermind. i'll keep looking.

i feel like mcdonalds now :( darnit.