June 10th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

okay, the good things.

remember that gorgeous red toyota echo i saw on the weekend, but thought was too expensive?

well. it's mine :)

i have an awesome dad, and an awesome uncle (even though i practically never see him. but anyway. heh). i also now have a $13,500 debt, which is still much cheaper than i thought it would be for everything i wanted. but it's so worth it. i get to pick it up from the caryard on thursday night, and my boss said i could leave work early that day if i wanted. oh, i'm excited. this car is fucking awesome. i have power steering, air conditioning, a cd player, tinted windows, keyless entry & remote central locking... oh yeah :)

also. i think i've found a way to get back into theatre. i'm working on a few things... but i think i'm refinding my spark again. it's nice to be thinking about something other than work for a change... but we'll see what happens. nothing's guaranteed as yet, but at least there's hope right now. at least there's hope.

i hope.