June 13th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

Ernie the Echo

i got my new car last night :)

oh, it's a dream. it's an absolute dream to drive, it's just perfect. i can hardly believe it's mine. i loved my old car, but it was... old. this is so new (only 6 months old!), and it's shiny and gorgeous. now i sort of understand why guys get so protective of their cars!! plus, the salesguy gave me presents last night, on the front seat of my car, and one of them was a bucket full of wonderful car-cleaning products :) so i'll be able to keep my beautiful Echo clean and sparkling... ahhhh. sparkleoflife, i plan to drive down and see you soon :)

everyone at work was so sweet and excited about my car for me. even the managers were coming up to me and talking about it, and it was nice. sometimes i feel a little out of place, being so young and fresh and untrained, but they're good people.

the other good thing is that marianne got us tickets today to go see Matchbox 20 in concert next month :D i love that band, i've heard they're wonderful live. i haven't seen a band play live since high school, so i'm super excited.

this is pretty disjointed; i can't really think of what i want to write. but at least tomorrow i can sleep in :P hooray. that in itself makes the weekends worth it.