July 11th, 2003

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so... random entry.

i never seem to know what to say these days. there are words that breathe at the tips of my fingertips, yet they never transpire into anything real. i sleep way too much these days, but i had a blood test 2 nights ago, and maybe that will reveal the reason behind my constant tiredness. life is not so beautiful when you need to sleep half the day in order to not want to curl up and cry. i got a bonus in my pay this week, and i've come to the conclusion that it's dangerous to be on ebay with a credit card and spare money. work continues to be a relatively happy place, and the people there honestly do make my day. again, i've found myself in a work place where no matter how sad i feel going in in the mornings, i come out smiling at the end of it all, just from the genuine nature of the people that surround me there. i started getting involved in theatre again. i'm working on a musical of "oliver", although rehearsals won't start for another few weeks. maybe by then, i won't be so tired either. i'm just trying to find the good things, you know?

i need a hug in the worst of ways, but my snugglebug has gone awol. but there's a topic we won't go into. not tonight.